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Send Protest - a participatory art project

by Costantino Ciervo

Using the app „Send Protest!“, you can record (photo or video) something you find unfair or unacceptable any time and anywhere.

You can then exhibit these pictures with your comments in exhibition spaces, public spaces or on the internet.

The art emerges from your involvement!

1) By using this app, you are participating in an art project that runs for an unlimited period.

2) The app is easy to use. Install it in order to document and publicly present unfair or unacceptable circumstances that negatively affect the common welfare.

3) You will need a mobile device/smartphone with a photo/video function, GPS and connection to the Internet. The data you document and send (image/text) will be collected in a database (archive) on and presented to the public either immediately or following a short time delay as part of international exhibitions.

4) The database/archive that also contains your images can be accessed anytime without registration at: You can also subscribe to a newsletter (mailing list) here containing information about exhibitions that are part of the project.

5) You can record data, photos or videos of max. 10 seconds in length and send them in with an accompanying comment up to 160 characters.

6) The unfair or unacceptable circumstances might have to do with objects, places, architecture or the environment. For example: the state of public infrastructure (public transport), the deterioration of important buildings like schools or hospitals, gentrification processes, refurbishment measures, the privatisation of public spaces (e.g. parks, beaches), violations of climate protection or environmental protection, disfigurement in the form of architecture (disastrous buildings, ground sealing) in urban or rural settings. Or your entry might deal with cases of personal discrimination (racist, sexist, religious bigotry, social discrimination, attacks on the disabled, etc.), exploitation at work, alienation, poverty, economic inequality or social marginalisation.

7) Please respect people's personal rights and only take photographs with their permission.

8) Act responsibly (you are responsible for your pictures), show face and send your protest.


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This is the first release of the app "SendProtest!"
To participate you need a google account and your android smartphone/ tablet.
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